Today we welcomed Simon Taylor to the Grace Church staff team. It is great to have him on board! Simon is our new Operations Manager, which means that he will have a watchful eye and a steadying hand on everything that happens in Grace Church.

Simon is married to Nicola and they have two children, Maddie and Zachary. Many of you already know Simon well, especially if you are part of our Bognor site where the family have been for the last five years and Simon is part of the site team. If you are in one of our other sites, you will probably be seeing more of Simon from now on!

Simon is taking over from Darren who leaves with Lois to take up a new role at the Coign Church in Woking at the end of the year. When I think about this whole transition it reminds me of a scene from Finding Nemo. A huge explosion is set off deep under the sea but on the surface there is hardly a ripple!

Under the ‘surface’ of Grace Church, by which I guess I mean in the office and in our leadership team meetings, this is a really significant change. Darren has held things together wonderfully for the 12 years since Grace Church began. Things will certainly be different without him.

However, Simon brings his own gifting and character to the role. Technically speaking, he has managed big teams and big projects, most recently as the IT manager for Adur and Worthing District Council. Even more importantly from my point of view, Simon brings a love for Jesus, a passion for church and a wonderful servant heart. We will all help him to settle in quickly and I am confident that Grace Church will continue into the new year with hardly a ripple.

In fact, I am believing God for much more than simply maintaining the status quo. As I look into the future I see that God is shaping us operationally so that we can move forward strongly into everything that He has planned for us.

Welcome aboard, Simon!