Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Bognor Community Fun Day such a success. It was such a blessing to see so many people from right across Grace Church simply turn up and get stuck in. Of course the weather was fantastic and we give God thanks for that. But I thank God equally for a church that loves to serve and loves to show God’s love to people they have never met.

I spent most of Saturday at one of the entrance points into our bit of the park. It was very pleasant to stand in the sunshine and welcome people, but I particularly enjoyed chatting to people as they left. Common questions were:

  1. Has Grace Church put all this on by themselves? (Answer: yes.)
  2. How has it all been paid for? (Answer: by people in Grace Church, because getting out into the community and showing that we care is a high priority for us.)
  3. Why are you doing this? (The answer I went with most and the one that matched the cards we were giving out: Because not only is Grace in our name, but this is the best illustration we could think of for what it means, ie, a completely free gift that we have done nothing to earn.)

On numerous occasions that led on to a conversation about what sort of church we are. On some occasions it led to a conversation about what sort of God He is.

One hundred and sixty people came back to the park on Sunday morning to do “Grace Church on the green”. There were many first-time guests in that number and five people responded to the gospel. Praise God!

So from the cake bakers to the face painters, from the children’s entertainers to the ice cream dispensers, from the burger flippers to the music players, to everyone who served in big ways or small, to everyone who came along to support the event, and to everyone who remembered to pray, a really big THANK YOU.