On the eve of us beginning our building work in the Grace Centre, I received these photos from our friends in Gateway Church, Tura, India. Today was a special day for them as it was their first Sunday meeting in the new premises that they are building from scratch.  Why is this significant? Because that roof was funded out of the generous giving of us here in Grace Church. So, well done to them, well done to us, and praise God for linking hearts and lives right around the world!

This is Sydney Nevis, who leads Living Word Church in Mumbai and also oversees the Commission churches in the Northeast of India, officially opening the new building.

They now have a wonderful meeting space, well protected from the wind and the rain. (It rains a lot there!) That's a nice roof!

This is more like how the church used to meet - in an open space under a temporary roof.

This is Menang, who leads Gateway Church. He visited us here in Grace Church last August, together with Darshan from Shillong.