It was another great year at Westpoint this year, with record numbers from Grace Church and record levels of sunshine! A big thank you to everyone who came along to be part of it, and of course, to everyone who served in big ways and small throughout the weekend.

Here are some of my favourite things from Westpoint 2019!

1. My favourite quotes

We were blessed with excellent teaching again this year. God was speaking to me and I know he was to many of you as well, even those of you at home watching on the live stream! Here are some of my favourite quotes from the weekend:

“Moses was obsessed with asking ‘who am I?’ when he should have been asking God, ‘who are you?’”   (Andrew Wilson)

“If you want to be captivated by something, you must be prepared to be humbled by it.” (Hannah Anderson)

“To be a Christian is often to be in a boat filling with water, but would you prefer that or watching Jesus sail away?” (Andy McCullough)

“If we turn ‘sorted’ into a virtue, we turn ‘crisis’ into a vice. It is not.” (Andy McCullough)

“Fear is faith in the wrong things.” (Guy Miller)

2. My favourite meal

Food is always something of an afterthought for me at Westpoint. I quite enjoyed a slice of ham wrapped around a bit of bread, dipped in some cold baked beans with mini pork sausages. Needless to say, the Grace Church BBQ was a lot more appetising!

3. My favourite moment that moved me

I was invited along to the 9-11’s to answer some questions about how I have seen God’s power at work – and to be gunged! I was also asked to join in praying for the children during their ministry/response time. We were particularly praying for children who were concerned about their own emotional wellbeing. It was a huge privilege. The openness of the children I spoke to and their willingness to come to Jesus as they shared their concerns literally moved me to tears.

4. My favourite Grace Church moment

For me, the best thing about Westpoint is hanging out with my church and just chatting. I also loved our talent night and seeing everyone half asleep over a bacon sandwich. But the thing that will live in the memory is the impromptu slip’n’slide session. Who would have thought that sliding down a soapy tarpaulin could bring together all ages so effectively!

5. My favourite worship moment

Westpoint worship times are always great, and I can’t help being proud of our guys who are part of leading us from the main stage. I was particularly blessed to see our own Grace Church people, even those at Westpoint for the first time, really giving it their all in worship.

6. My favourite tent

I have decided that inflatable, pole-less tents is definitely the future. But you can’t help admire Maria for still rocking the 1960’s frame tent!

7. My favourite un-seen server

The danger of even beginning to name people is that I will miss key people out, and so many people served this event in so many ways. Much of it was unseen by anyone, but rest assured that God saw it all! A special mention to Quint Woods for all his work on the catering side and Dave and Jess French for putting in so many hours as well as driving the van on pack-down day. But my favourite un-seen server was Ben Blakeley for organising our team sports entries and then running the touchline so enthusiastically as our young football team made it all the way to the final.

8. My favourite marquee on the Westpoint site

Ours, of course! That’s not just my opinion but also that of some of the site security teams and Commission team who wandered around the site. They said that our marquee was hands-down the best decorated and nicest looking. So, a huge thank you to Jon and Sam Feaver and team for organising all of that.

9. My favourite cheese

Clearly, it’s the blue squidgy one. I love those late-evening, chilled out moments in our marquee.

10. My favourite year

This was the 10th Westpoint, and for me, the best of the lot. Next year promises to be even bigger and better as we move to the Bath and West Showground for the Connect Festival 2020. I’m already booked in. Are you?